April 2017: Doug & Judy Penman – Events

Doug and Judy Penman are devoted City volunteers, particularly for the Cowboy Festival.  They have been volunteering for the Festival every year since 1995 (a year after the Festival started).  Doug and Judy are such avid Cowboy volunteers that they chose to renew their wedding vows at the Festival a few years ago and will once again celebrate their wedding anniversary (their 45th!) by volunteering at the event in April.  Thank you for your dedication, Doug and Judy!


Teen (14 years and older) and adult volunteers help with a variety of services in the Valencia, Canyon Country, and Old Town Newhall Libraries, including organizing, shelving, and displaying materials, assisting with programs and special projects, among others.  The volunteer needs at each library vary.  Click here for a list of volunteer opportunities.



Make a difference in your community! Afterschool homework-helpers are needed year-round. Other opportunities include helping with community festivals, English as a Second Language classes, teen events and other programs for youth and families. For a fun and rewarding way to volunteer, join the Outreach Services team!

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March 2017: Marc Ferris – Youth Sports Program

Marc has been volunteering for the City’s Youth Sports Program for the past four years.  He is a great coach and a wonderful role model for the youth he works with, always bringing out the best in his players.  Win or lose, Coach Mark emphasizes teamwork and a positive attitude.  He always encourages his players to work hard and better themselves.  Thank you for making a difference in these youth’s lives!

February 2017: Riley Seow – Newhall Community Center

Riley has been volunteering at the Newhall Community Center for almost two years now.  She volunteers with homework help, reading, and sports/organized games, and encourages her friends to volunteer as well.  Riley uses her musical talent to help in the music classes, working closely with the instructors, bringing extra sheet music for the kids and sharing her love for music with them.  Riley is a role model and inspiration to the youth at the Center.

December 2016: Jeff Armendariz, Barry Edzant, Louis Esbin, & John Kunak – Community Court Diversion Program

Jeff, Barry, Louis, and John are local attorneys who volunteer as judges for the City’s Community Court Diversion Program.  They hear and weigh each case carefully, and ensure that appropriate sentences are given to each teen who goes through Community Court.  They share words of advice and poignant examples to help teens learn from their mistakes and make good choices.  They truly make a difference, and their time and dedication are critical to the success of the program.